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For Jack

The Kane Kids!

Typically my blog is about recipes however today I am doing this post without recipes and it is for me more than you and for “Jack.” Julia’s Child isn’t the only kid in her family who loves to be called a foodie. In fact, probably most of the kids in this picture above have that passion, some more than others but we all have it in us. Hey when you come from Italian and Irish grandmother’s you can’t help it! However, Jack did something with it. As you know albeit part-time, Jack had a thriving catering business to feed his passion.

The photo was taken on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in May just before a joyous get together with the Kane Kids and their children, spouses, and mothers. Family is an important part of the Italian and Irish heritage and as mentioned above that’s exactly what we Kane Kids are. The three Kane boys married three very lovely Italian women. Grammy Kane didn’t raise no fools! And look at what they all produced!! Mighty good lookin’ bunch if I may say so myself! 🙂

As we approach Thanksgiving I am thankful for this day. Thankful we were all together around good food but more importantly good company. We will forever cherish this picture, the laughs we shared, the stories we told, and the food we gathered around. We will never forget the fun taking this picture featuring the typical Kane shenanigans with our typical complicated ways. The memories will live on forever.

We’ll miss you Jack, but you are forever in our hearts.

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