Irish Redneck! A Story to Tell!

Irish Redneck

I’m sorry this is a little later than I  wanted but many members of my family were down and out with the flu! I told you I wanted to show you another Irish treat so here it goes…..

I am sure there are some of you out there that don’t know my husband and I once owned a bar/nightclub/catering facility. Imagine that! A nurse running a bar and nightclub.  Somehow I think that was a conflict of interest because really a person promoting health shouldn’t be promoting heavy drinking!  I knew a few months in that I probably should start to plan an exit strategy.

It wasn’t all bad though.  I really did enjoy the business especially when we catered parties.  I’m sure you figured that out with my love of food.  The other thing I loved about it was the fact that I was surrounded by family members as my co-workers.  Of course I was THE BOSS so that made it good for me.  I thought I was nice but I guess I was pretty particular about how things should be.  Apparently that’s how I got the name “Leona” as in Leona Helmsley! 🙂 (Queen of Mean), but really I just wanted things done right!  At the end of the day I was lucky to have family working with me and they were excellent employees – well maybe except for two of them. LOL!

Enter Jimmy Kane and Patrick Thomas.  I love my cousins however these two used to get on my last nerve at times.  I mean they were like 19 and 21 at the time, surrounded by good looking female customers and lots of alcohol at their fingertips.  For the longest time they had me fooled.  We had a cooler in the basement to stock the bar and I used to think they were down there stocking the bar until one night I had NOT noted their presence at their posts for a very long time.  Our bar had a lot of square footage and many rooms so it was easy to try to dupe Denise.  I decided to storm down to the basement to tell them to hurry up and found them on break in the cooler, drinking not coffee, but the beer stock!  GRRRRRR! So instead of hiding it they popped open a beer for me!  I think I fired them or they quit because I yelled at them but the thing about the two of them is they would show up the next day after quitting or being fired.  We did this drill 4 or 5 times.

I love these two like brothers and in the end, on the last night of business, it was the two of them who waited with me and did the closing routine.  We laughed and reminisced  and they finally got me to drink on the job. And that my friends is how the Irish Redneck was invented.  I think I have to credit Patrick for thinking up the name.  There we were mixing every liquor we could and tasting all of it along the way when we realized Bailey’s and Jack go pretty well together.  We hear that this caught on and it went as far as to bars in Buffalo.   Here’s to good family, great memories and great fun.


Irish Redneck! A Story to Tell!

Irish Redneck! A Story to Tell!


  • 1 Bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream
  • 1 Bottle of Jack Daniels
  • Ice if you prefer
  • shot glass
  • shaker glass


  1. Put a shot of each liquor into a glass and chug it down - you're a redneck
  2. Put a shot of each liquor into a shaker glass over ice, shake and strain into a glass - sip - you're a prissy Irish lady.
  3. Forget all of the above and have a beer of any kind - you're a true Irishman!




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